Audie The Angel

THE ANGEL ARCHIVES series is made up of a Trilogy (3 full-length novels), 6 short stories (each included with a Future Writer’s Workbook), and 2 children’s books (a Picture Book & a Coloring Book). There is an entire website dedicated to the series that can be found at: 

The Trilogy:


BOOK 1 – The Angel Army

BOOK 2 – The Aging Plague


BOOK 3 – The Afterworld


Short Story Series | Future Writer Workbooks:

Cathetal’s Creatures

Gabi’s Mystery Message

Talihad’s Mermaid Tribe


Pancia’s City of Swords

BenNez & Darel’s Stormy Secret

Yahel’s Land of Locks 


Audie’s Younger Years:

Picture Book – Audie the Angel & The Angel Egg

Coloring Book – Audie’s Origins 4


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