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I strongly believe that you can and do judge a book by its cover. So with that said, I wanted to include a post discussing all the Cover Art that was created for my novels and screenplays…  

Because of my publishing experience and realizing how very little control writers have over their own book covers, I spent about a year teaching myself Photoshop. I literally watched tons and tons of videos on YouTube to learn exactly how to do what I needed to accomplish. For example: I needed to make Audie’s hair blonde, so I watched hours of videos on that until I got it right…well, mostly right.

Blogs of a Cheater Eater – has been covered twice. The first cover wasn’t made by me, so I wasn’t entirely happy with it. Years after I signed my contract with The Wild Rose Press, I re-signed with them in order to have more say in the new cover and go back through to re-edit it more thoroughly.

For The Lava Lord – I created the cover. I made several options for it and I just really couldn’t decide. I polled my family & friends to see which they preferred. I would have my mind set on a cover, and then…about a day later I would tinker with the cover again and like a new version even better. Which of course led to re-polling my family multiple times! So, needless to say, it was a tough decision for me. But I’m happy with the result.

For The Angel Archives Trilogy – I have literally driven my family mad with these covers. I think I changed them at least 4 times. This last time, I promised my sister I wouldn’t change them anymore. Even though these final covers were not her favorite versions. I even remember having conversations with my dad and mom many times about these covers. I have literally lost sleep over these covers. The original covers were created by an incredible artist and friend, Bobby Hammer. I have them framed in my home now, and I will always treasure them. But I am excited about the newest covers and will try to live with them moving forward.

For all of my Screenplays & upcoming novel Globes – I created the artwork for them. I have now started a new habit of wanting to make the covers before I write…which gives my writing almost a different point of view.



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