Audie is the character that I’ve lived with the longest. I started the creation of Audie over 15 years ago, when I was still in college. And I have continued to work on her and develop her, all the way until just last year. She is everything I would want in a daughter. She is above all, brave. She is also strong-willed, kind, and although an angel…she is more human than any of the other characters in The Angel Archives. 

In the 3 Volumes of The Angel Archives Trilogy, you only see Audie scared maybe a small handful of times, and even then, it could be argued that she was still courageous in those moments. She is a true fish-out-of-water story. She fully believes that she is just a typical 12-year-old girl. Until one day… she isn’t. And that’s when she is thrown into a world – and quite frankly a war – that she never knew existed.

When I first started writing about Audie, she was meek and quiet, and for lack of a better word, angelic. Over the years, her character morphed into one that could make Wonder Woman proud. Each Volume she grows more and more in tune with her powers. She gains more and more confidence. And you see her develop a certain relationship that is unexpected, yet revealing (I won’t spoil it here!) I also enjoy some of her moments in the 3rd volume, where you see her going through the pains of teen-hood.

She is put into situations where she has to make life-changing decisions. And it’s in those “windows” that you see her humanity.



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