Kat Clyne

While all of my characters are strong, smart, and heroic in their own right, Kat Clyne is in a class of her own. She is so stubbornly insistent on being independent that she loses sight of the enrichment that others can bring to her life. In fact, she is almost blind to the advantage of teamwork, regardless of which gender she’s partnered with. She is headstrong and feisty in all of the right ways, and I think if readers don’t fall in love with her right away, they will pretty quickly. You will see her vulnerability as well as her darker side, and eventually come to understand why she has put up such a thick shield to protect herself…and it’s not for the reason you think.    

Her entire life is devoted to getting revenge on men. Not for her personal gain. Not for the glory or the paycheck. But to help other women who were victimized as she felt she was. She has completely hardened and closed herself off to men. She views them all as the enemy. And she has the hardest time coming to grips with the concept that people can – and in fact do – change.

Kat has several relationships that I enjoy, but my favorite is between her and her mother. Her mother’s life has come full circle. She started up her own company while raising a daughter, and was masterful and clever enough to do it all on her own. She then passed all of these superpowers to her daughter. Every single piece of this she passed down, including her resentment to men. However, as the years went on she did not pass down the fact that her feelings toward men changed. Kat’s mother’s realization that you can’t fight the whole world on your own (and why would you want to) is one thing she never shared with Kat. Perhaps because she wanted her daughter to learn it on her own? Perhaps she tried, but the latter had become too deeply ingrained in Kat? No matter the reason, Kat was operating her life and her business under the old assumption that all men are evil.

One of the other dynamics that I love about Kat is that while she is opening up mentally to the idea of working with a man, she also finds herself opening up physically. Time and time again, she is put into situations where she loses her clothes, or a piece of clothing, and she finds herself more and more naked in front of her charming adversary. I of course enjoy the humor in those scenes. I believe firmly that no matter the tone or concept of any story, there must always be two things: Humor and Love. And these vulnerable scenes really allow the reader to connect further with Kat. It allows them to laugh with her – as well as maybe at her. But more importantly it allows her humility and humanity to shine through.

Kat Clyne will always be one of my personal favorite characters. I came up with the concept of The Cheater Eater while I was pregnant. And I wrote the entire book throughout my pregnancy. I named Kat after my daughter. She really inspired me everyday to push through and finish writing it, so Kat will always be personally connected to me. The Cheater Eater was also my first novel published by a traditional publishing company: The Wild Rose Press. Once I completed the book, I had received two contract offers on it, so I obtained a lawyer to help me decide which publisher would be the best fit for me. I learned so much as an Author about the entire publishing process because of The Cheater Eater. It was because of this book that I began teaching myself and pursuing PhotoShop and Graphic Design. I am happy that The Wild Rose Press allowed me some freedom with re-covering and re-editing the book about a year ago. And now I am hoping to begin the process of making The Cheater Eater available in Audio Format. So more on that soon!



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