This may or may not have been mentioned yet, but I am obsessed with Zombie everything. I also love all classic children’s tales and folklore. So it came naturally to me to turn Goldilocks into Ghouldilocks. And hence was the birth of my character named Goldi. What I love about Goldi is that she is too cool for school and doesn’t even have to try. I wish I was as cool as Goldi. She is practically a super hero before she even enters the death realm. She throws axes for sport, she has a trendy buzzed cut hairstyle, and she protects her sister and comatose mother with more than just her heart.

I really enjoy her interactions with Rip. She is so strong and fearless but I love her realization of how much stronger she can be with a partner. And Rip is most definitely that partner.

And then of course, there is her unconditional love for her younger sister, Silva. The sacrifices she makes for Silva is beautiful. And she doesn’t ever really hesitate. Sisterly love is something that can’t quite be compared to anything else. But it’s heightened by the fact that Goldi was forced to practically raise Silva.

Ghoulidlocks is currently a Screenplay only. It is housed on The Blacklist. One of my next projects will be converting it to a novel so it can reach a broader audience. I have had interest from Production Companies into making it a movie. I feel like with a little more work, and finding a producer with the right funding, it can really be a success.



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