Reviews for Audie the Angel:


 “I love books like this. An army intent on accomplishing the good, while fighting both the evil from without and the uncertainty from within. The author gives her Angel Army some very exciting and suspenseful tasks, and it is so satisfying to see how they get through them. From beginning to end, they lean on each other, bolstering each other’s courage and faith–both in themselves and in each other. It’s not only a great adventure story, it’s a good lesson on the value of friendship.”
– Kitty Muse Book Reviews –

“This is a very fun book! Cleverly intertwining a message of friendship and faith in each other and self, while providing action and adventure that will be sure to engage the reader, this is an imaginative book with a great cliff-hanger that will have readers eager for more. Parents and teachers will appreciate the message and the tone. Never condescending or too violent, the imagery leads the reader into flights of fancy and delivers a message all in one. The characters are not overly advanced for their ages, and the writing is clear and concise, with age-appropriate vocabulary. The world building combines easy to visualize references that are intermingled with creatures and images of fantasy and myth. The writing draws you in and places you in the action and the language and references are both age appropriate and imaginative. Readers will enjoy the story, the inclusions of familiar with the fantastic, and characters that could be in your classroom. With a Hobbit-like quest into the various lands of Heaven, they encounter creatures that are mix of reality and myth, some as amusing as they are terrifying. The plot is fast paced, with new things to discover, challenges to overcome and a final battle scene that relies on wits and teamwork far more than fighting ability.”
-Gaele, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer –

“Audie the Angel is a fun book for tweeners (middle grades). It offers a new group of friends to embrace, and a fantastical adventure to keep them engaged. Well-written, well-paced, well-developed characters, and well-plotted. I think kids who like fantasy adventures will love Audie’s Angelic Army.”
– Linda S. –
“Kuddos to author Erika Kathryn! You definitely have a winner. I enjoyed reading this book which is geared more for the young adult or tween. I think most adults will enjoy it as well. The plot was exciting and fast moving. The adventures were very creative and imaginative. Her take on Heaven was new and refreshing.
– Log Cabin LadyL –

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