The Lava Lord

Kinley Wade is a damned good reporter, but she makes the mistake of volunteering for a not-so-glamorous gig in the dusty town of Bajito, Mexico, reporting on a festival that offers blood sacrifices to appease the volcano Gods. Once in Mexico, Kinley discovers that livestock is not the only living thing on the volcano’s menu. Accidentally becoming the next human sacrifice, she soon encounters other survivors who call themselves the Lazane Tribe, a group of people who were offered to the volcano and assumed long dead. Among them is Lars, personal guard to the Lava Lord, and Kinley’s ridiculously handsome captor. The only way to ever go back home to Chicago is to win the heart of the arcane Lava Lord. But if she leaves, the Lazane Tribe could lose everything. However, if she stays, she jeopardizes her heart. And her finely-honed reporter skills tell her that Lars is more than just an uncouth guard. In order to find out, she risks her freedom, while learning the hard way that she’s not nearly as tough—or as right—as she thinks she is.

Published by Black Opal Books, May 2016

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REGAN MURPHY SAYS: “The Lava Lord is cute, clever, funny, and intriguing, with some hilarious moments as people from two different cultures try to find some common ground. Add in a sweet romance, a little suspense, and an interesting mystery, and you have a great story for women of all ages.”

The Lava Lord by Erika Kathryn is the fascinating story of a young woman in crisis. Our heroine, Kinley, is going to college in Chicago, where she also works as an intern for a newspaper. The boss wants someone to go to Mexico for a week to cover the annual festival of a small town where children have been disappearing for decades. Having just broken up with her boyfriend and finding that Chicago isn’t big enough for the both of them, Kinley volunteers for the assignment and heads off to rural Mexico in her Jimmy Choo stilettos. When she gets there, the mayor of the town tries to convince her that nothing is wrong. Sure, a few people come up missing every once in a while, but with an active volcano on the edge of town, that’s not surprising. But Kinley is definitely in for a surprise when she gets sacrificed to the volcano gods instead of the baby they were intending to throw in. When she comes to, she discovers a whole tribe of people, most of whom are also sacrifice survivors. Kinley has never seen anything like this, and they have never seen anything quite like her. She spends most of her time trying to escape and get back home to Chicago—when she isn’t falling head over heels for her hunky guard, that is.


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