The Sight Saint

“Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind.
It is an extra eye,
Which shows us what is most worthy of regard.”
-James M. Barrie-

Saint Lucia magically exists only one day a year; every thirteenth of December. Celebrated across the globe, no one knows the real story of the Fourth Century Patroness of the Blind. The Sight Saint is the romantic
adventure fantasy beyond her folktale.
December thirteenth is the night that death walks the earth, evil spirits soar, and dark beasts have the ability to speak. Annually, Halen and his family flee to the catacombs to take refuge. There, he meets Saint Lucia, whose candle crown brightens the tunnels—and his heart.
She and her Star Boys feed the starving, tend to the wounded, and comfort the terrified. Halen lives only for that one night a year; and he can’t help but fall for her.
But love is blind, and according to legend, Lucia will be too…  

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